Creating Opportunity

Strategic Plan 2016-2021


This is a five year plan for the future, developed with our partners, residents and everyone who works for and with us.

It launches our vision and most importantly explains how we are going to get there. We hope you’ll be inspired and find your opportunity as we create ours.


Poplar HARCA at a glance


Building thousands of new homes

Supporting hundreds of new and existing businesses to grow and thrive

Investing £millions to restore Chrisp Street Market to its former glory

Delivering a first class housing service to residents

Nurturing our open and green spaces

Creating jobs, apprenticeships and employment and training opportunities

Connecting people through our network of community centres

Celebrating Poplar’s heritage through our innovative arts and culture events

Making our investment go further




Estate Regeneration Programme



reshaping plan

Highest satisfaction yet


of tenants are satisfied and 91% would recommend us


  • Our Journey

    We’ve come a long way since 3,000 homes were first transferred to us in 1998. We begin 2016 as the lead housing partner in the South Poplar Housing Zone with the potential to build a further 10,000 homes.

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    Unique Package

    Our offer has always been unique and this ethos continues to shape our business strategy and planning. Complimentary urban and community regeneration programmes, transforming spaces, adding value and changing lives.

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Messages from our management team

  • Team Member

    Paul Brickell
    Chair of Poplar HARCA

    “I am proud to be Chair of an organisation that has creating opportunity at its heart.”

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    Team Member

    Bernadette Conroy
    Chair of Poplar HARCA 2005 -2015

    “One thing I know for sure is Poplar HARCA's commitment and energy is second-to-none”

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    Team Member

    Steve Stride
    Poplar HARCA Chief Executive

    “We’ve made no secret that we are where we are today by working in partnership.”

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  • Our Vision and Values

    What we’re going to achieve and how we’re going to do it.

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    Challenges and Opportunities

    The challenges we face, the opportunities we will seize.

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    To help create opportunities, staff and partners will embody five key behaviours. These behaviours set out the key performance indicators for the next five years.

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Creating Opportunity

Regeneration and development will enable the realisation of our vision. The ambitions of this Strategic Plan will provide opportunity for our community, for business and for individuals. Building on our existing investment we will continue to leverage transformational funding into our area.

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A Human Focussed Table of Action

Our human focussed action table details how we will achieve our vision to create opportunity for Housing, Community, Business and You the individual. It’s human focussed because people are the core of each action. The table details which directorate is responsible and when it will be achieved by.




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